Lab Express Managements' assets have been purchased by the Vita Needle Company, Inc., of Needham, MA. Items purchased through LEM can now be purchased through Vita Needle. Please visit, call Vita Needle at (781) 444-1780 or email for all of your future inquiries.


Lab Express Management sells three different main categories of needles: blunt (probe, 90 degree cut), lancet point (traditional sharpened tip) and non-coring (sharpened, but tip deflected below the lumen to prevent coring during use). Blunt needles are used for application of a substance or fluid, or for irrigating/flushing hard to reach places. Blunt tip needles are sold in a range of gauge sizes. There are also different length and hub options for reusable needles (standard plated brass, improved corrosion resistance 316 SS, and minimum dead volume) or cost effective molded plastic hubs that can be thrown out after a single use.

stainless steel needles

Lancet point needles have a precision ground tip that is highly sharp, and can be used for biological experiments or for penetrating septums in order to extract or inject products. Lancet point needles have geometry equivalent to many needles used in medical applications, and are manufactured to medical standards.

Non coring needles have sharpened tips with a deflected tip behind the lumen (needle opening) to prevent the needle from being blocked when penetrating a septum. These needles are particularly useful in chemical labs and life science testing.

Note: All Lab Express Needles are sold NOT sterile.

Appearance may vary from the photographs displayed.

Needle Gauge Chart