Lab Express Managements' assets have been purchased by the Vita Needle Company, Inc., of Needham, MA. Items purchased through LEM can now be purchased through Vita Needle. Please visit, call Vita Needle at (781) 444-1780 or email for all of your future inquiries.


Lab Express Management sells a variety of products geared primarily towards the laboratory and research markets. These include sharp needles, non coring cannula for air sensitive experiments, capillary tubing for gas chromatography, and a variety of Luer adapters and fittings to connect lab equipment. We also sell products designed for dispensing and industrial uses---such as application of adhesives/epoxies, pastes, lubricants, marking inks and other fluid and semi-fluid products that require careful and exact placement. A wide range of syringe choices are available to assist in placement or extraction of products, and of course there are dozens of different needle tips to select from depending on the product being dispensed and customer requirements. Our adapter line is heavily relied upon by companies from many different research, medical and industrial companies who need the proper fitting to connect equipment together.